To see

There is a lot worth seeing in Sicily. From UNESCO World Heritage sites to medieval villages, from spectacular nature to baroque towns and private palaces. Consider this a “decor” for your event.

Our guides and experts are knowledgeable and passionate people who have great pride in their island. We guarantee a personal approach and a unique experience.

Baroque towns

The towns in the baroque triangle of Ragusa, Noto and Modica have fantastic architecture with amazing squares and palaces. They are on the list of  UNESCO world heritage and one of Sicily’s highlights.

Medieval villages

Hill-top villages, small narrow streets, town squares with card playing pensioners, shouting vendors, church-bells ringing and the smell of espresso coming from the local bar. Sicily is full of these hidden treasures, all with it’s own characteristics. 

Sicily off the beaten track

Apart from the highlights which deserve to be on the itinerary, it is worth indulging into ‘normal’ life in Sicily. There is no need to go far from your hotel to enjoy local food, romantic squares, beautiful churches and even archeological and natural gems. 

Palermo, Catania, Syracuse

Palermo is the capital of Sicily and has a rich history with many Norman-Arab influences. Syracuse was once the capital of ancient Greece and has a fabulous archeologic park. Catania is also called the “Milan of the south” and has the amazing backdrop of Mt. Etna Vulcano.

Aeolian and Egadi islands

The Aeolian islands are named after the god of the winds and therefore great sailing grounds. All are volcanic islands. Stromboli being famous for regular eruptions and Panarea for the jet-set spending long summer nights on the island. On the western side of Sicily the Egadi islands are worth a visit.

Valley of the temples

Sicily’s most famous archeological site is the valley of the Temples in Agrigento. It is a Unesco World heritage site and features some of worlds best preserved Greek temples dating from over 2000 years ago. A must-see for who is staying in this part of Sicily.



The magical town of Taormina, with spectacular views Mount Etna and the coastline below, has enchanted visitors from all over the world for centuries. Beautiful by day, in the evenings Taormina’s atmosphere is bewitching. Take in the breathtaking panorama over dinner in one of Taormina’s restaurants, indulge in some shopping or sip an aperitif while watching the evening ‘passeggiata’.

Etna volcano

Europe’s highest active Volcano with it’s smoking peak at over 3000 meters high is a true land mark for the island. The mineral rich soil is ideal for grapes an olives and many wineries have been established on this fertile land. Every so often an eruption can be seen with the orange glow of lava lighting up the sky or more explosive lava fountains. Mount Etna is alive and ever changing.

Private palaces

Step into the world of Sicilian aristocracy and feast in the evocative atmosphere of a torch lit castle, a refined villa or grand palazzo. Sicily is full of private palaces that are rarely open to the public. Opening the doors to these places in Palermo and Catania gives you the opportunity to relive these times. A warm welcome by a princess or duchess can be an unforgettable moment.