Csr & Green ideas

We get ever more requests for CSR-projects (Corporate Social Responsibility) or sustainability or green proposals in our programs. Each time we look for tailormade solutions with our partners. Just some first ideas: 

Fire prevention with Il Corpo Forestale

Together with the “Corpo Forestale”, the authority responsible for the maintenance of the Forests in the Etna National Park, we work together to “clean” the forest in order to prevent wildfires on Etna.

The staff of the Corpo Forestale will explain about their work, their technics and the guests in teams can hands-on contribute to the cleaning of the forest.

All participants will be equipped with gloves and safety glasses. Each team will further have a bag with hand-tools like small handsaws, rubbish bags, first aid kit and some other small tools that might be handy to clean the terrain.

Slow-food, KM0, buy local dining experiences

Where better than in Italy, where people are obsessed with food and local pride and competition about who has the best food products is a daily item on national television. 

Here the slow-food movement has started: the environmental friendly production of food, small scale, and preferably from local farmers.

Create awareness among the participants of your event, taste the difference and get an explanation why is a product is unique in taste and tradition.

UNESCO intangible heritage: Dry stone wall building activity

It has taken generations upon generations to clear farmland and build the characteristic dry stone walls that are typical for the Sicilian landscape.

So typical and unique that they have been declared Unesco intangible heritage.

Building these walls is very labor intensive and wall builders are just a few. Indulge in a CSR-teambuilding activity and help us to restore these walls together with local experts. Techniques can also be used in your home garden.

Food bank of Sicily donation

Where events are taking place, there is inevitably some food waste. We do our best to reduce this to a minimum.

In collaboration with the Food Bank of Sicily we are developing ways to donate food to charities that make sure it arrives to those in need.

Your involvement  can be a sponsor program or a tailor made CSR-project involving participants.