La Sicilia è bella! We love Sicily and we will show that to you. SicilyEvents is a specialized Destination Management Company (DMC) for corporate events in Sicily, Italy. We offer you truly local  and unique experiences for your incentives, social programs or excursions.

Mount Etna Volcano

Mt. Etna Volcano is Europe’s highest active Vulcano and can be visited in many ways.

A classic experience is an exclusive half-day or full-day excursion by 4-wheel drive Jeeps to explore the volcano Mt. Etna and hike with volcanologist guides around craters and over lava fields of the latest eruptions.

Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides will take you off-road through vineyards, forests and passed medieval villages to show you how Sicilians have lived for generations on the slopes of Mt Etna.

Walk around some of its many craters, explore caves or combine your excursion with quad bikes, mountainbikes, an orienteering game or other activities.

On Mount Etna Volcano you will  experience the incredible power of nature that surrounds you. You want to go all the way to the top? Just ask for the options! The possibilities are endless. 

Helicopter flights

Experience Sicily’s highlights in unique style in a helicopter joy flight.

We can take you over the smoking peak of Mt Etna Volcano, around the Aeolian islands, and up the winding coast lines to view ancient ruins, spectacular river gorges and the turbulent waters of the historic Straits of Messina.

Use the choppers to go from Taormina to Palermo or Sciacca and visit the UNESCO World heritage sites of the baroque triangle.



Grape & olive picking

Have a great day out in the beautiful Sicilian countryside picking olives, grapes or lemons.

Relax and build your strength at a country feast. Be rewarded with your own freshly produced oil, wine or limoncello (lemon liqueur) to enjoy when you go home!

If you like to plan your trip around this experience? October is the harvesting time for the grapes and olive picking takes place in November.

Mingle with the locals during these important yearly events and you will appreciate the low carbon footprint of small-scale produce.

Where in many parts of Europe it is modern and fashionable to go back to the roots or to enhance awareness of organic and sustainable  farming, in Sicily this way of life is only natural and in many ways has never been different.

Culinary experiences

The Mediterranean kitchen is a source of inspiration for those who love good food.

Learn the secrets of the Sicilian kitchen from a gourmet Michelin chef, or make pasta with ‘la mamma’ in the countryside.

Our top chef, ‘La mamma’, loves to share Sicily’s culinary secrets, and she will share traditional recipes that have been passed on from mother to daughter for generations with you.

We also organize team building events based in the form of a fun cooking competition or learn traditional mediaeval recipes in the Benedictine monastery in Catania.

Food may not be the primary reason to visit Sicily but it certainly will become the unquestioned highlight!

Chic-nic in the open air

More than a picnic, a chic-nic catered by a top-chef is an unforgettable experience.

Imagine a set-up under the olive trees, in the vineyards or on Mt. Etna Volcano. 

We have held our chic-nic also in a nice garden and on the beach. The options are endless and can be adapted to your event and program. 

A gourmet picnic basket can be combined with life cooking stations, wine tasting and it can become a culinary experience with local specialties. 

Why not inviting a Michelin starred chef or add some musicians to the scene?  


and so much more…

Sicily has much to offer and we never stop discovering new treasures:

Enjoy a food-tour at the vibrant street markets. Join the fishermen on their boats or have a gala dinner at the location of the godfather movies.

Each area of Sicily has its own particular grapes and wines. Visit a local farm, taste the wines made of indigenous grapes. 

Italians in general and Sicilians in particular are famous for their lunches and dinners where the whole family or village gathers for a feast.  Build your strength at a country feast or dine with a princess in a palace after a private vist to a UNESCO World heritage site.

Take e-bikes through an ancient necropolis or experience Sicily in style while being chauffeured in vintage cars.

Sicily has much to offer and we never stop discovering new treasures. We always make tailor made programs, so contact us with your request to hear what’s new in Sicily .